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Employee Speak

 Rajiv Garg (BITS Pilani)
 ED, Corporate Systems and Information Technology

"After completing my graduation from BITS Pilani, I joined BHEL in 1978 year. During my tenure at BHEL, I have been exposed to multiple areas of learning and my knowledge has always been elevated to the next level at all junctures. It has been a very enriching and fruitful journey with BHEL. My Seniors always encouraged me to try my hands at new ideas and peers were extremely supportive and helpful in all my endeavours. I have passed on the same culture to my juniors with the hope of making the BHEL journey for all a productive one."

 Ashok Bhatnagar (IIT Roorkee)
 Ex-GM(I/C), Corporate Systems and Information Technology

"I graduated as Electrical Engineer from IIT Roorkee in 1975 and joined BHEL as Engineer Trainee at Haridwar Plant. I grew with the organisation, developing knowledge at various levels of Electrical Design group of large AC motors. After a 14 year stint at BHEL, I took study leave to do M.Tech in Computer Science and Technology. I joined back Haridwar in its Application Specific IC (ASIC) design group, where I worked extensively as head of CAE and CAD group. In all my years spent at BHEL, each day has been more inspiring than the last and has enriched me in more ways than one."

 Rajiv Bhatnagar (DCE)
 GM, Corporate Communication

"My journey in BHEL has been momentous. The 26 years of service in BHEL has transformed me from a Civil Engineer to a Power Engineer to an HR executive. It has provided me with ample opportunities to be continually in a learning mode by not only engaging me in challenging tasks but also by sponsoring for higher studies. Working here feels like creating assets for the nation and contributing to the mankind. I take pride in giving credit to our company for everything that I am worth today in my life."

 Ritesh Yadav (FMS)
  Sr. Manager, Mergers & Acquisitions

"Its been a great experience working with BHEL - A perfect career launching pad. The global exposure w.r.t the customers, suppliers, technology has been amazingly good. After completing my BE (Comp. Science Engineering) in 1999 , I was youngest in my Batch (21) to join the great company as Engineer Trainee in 2000. In almost a decade of great experience at BHEL, I worked in Power Sector-IT on cutting edge IT technologies like MPLS etc and gained invaluable experience in Information Security arena wherein got enormous exposure to implement and audit pan-BHEL Information Security Management Systems. My long cherished dream came true when I got a chance to pursue MBA in 2004 from FMS Delhi, one of the premier B-Schools of India. Now I am Deputy Manager/Mergers & Acquisitions and working at Corporate Office, New Delhi. Truly speaking BHEL provides such an immense work & job satisfaction that rarely people think to leave it. At Mergers & Acquisitions, I am able to apply business acumen gained by my MBA and strong foundation of technology acquired during my experience in BHEL. In a nut shell I enjoy coming to office every day & It�s a Great Company to work for."

 Gaurav Kumar Rusia(IIT Roorkee)
 Advanced Research Projects Division,

"Unlike many other public sector companies in India, BHEL has been a strong competetitor right from its inception and has delivered gloriously in the past 50 Years. It has given me the platform to build myself, take the challenges and perform successfully . The people here encourage you to experiment new ideas without fearing the possiblility of failure."

 Brajesh S. (IIT Delhi)
 Advanced Research Projects Division

"Working at BHEL gives me immense feeling of satisfaction, happiness and joy of work. People here are very co-operative & knowledgble. For me, its been a place where we learn lots of things which link our engineering knowledge with the practical envirnoment. Most of the power plant equipment which we learn about during our engineering days can be seen at BHEL. Its a moment of pride when components desinged by us are put to real use for producing electricty to light up the homes in villages and Corporate Information Technologyies spread across the country. This pleasure is the epitome of all and can't be equated to anything."

 Piyush Gupta (IIT Guwahati)
 Advanced Research Projects Division,

"I feel great pleasure & pride in working for India's largest PSU. A lot of opportunities are available to learn & to work simultaneously. Grooming of Executives is carried out very exhautively and in a very effective manner. I remember the statement of SDGM from my Corporate Information Technology Training at EDN banglore. The treatment and humility, we get from our seniors will be transferred by us to our juniors.. Though, BHEL is my 5th company & the experience I have gained here in 6 years has been more than satisfactory with respect to economical, social & technical platform."